Versiliana Grand Stage

A stage immersed in the Mediterranean pine tree forest by the sea. The Versiliana Grand Stage is an open-air theatre in Marina di Pietrasanta which accommodates an audience of 2000 people. This is the DAP COLLEGE venue for the daily master classes program and the DAP Festival Grand Gala.

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    Venue Details
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      Events of the Venue
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      29 June 2023
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      Peiju ChienPott
      8 July 2023
      Pretend Choreography: PeiJu Chien-Pott & Chien-Ming Chang Sculpture and Art: Stefano Bombardieri ( Oblong Art Gallery ) Costumes: Sartoria Teatrale Fiorentina Massimo Poli Artistic Director: Adria Ferrali The work takes inspiration from Stefano Bombardieri’s large and bold sculptures, which often...