Piazza Duomo

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      Dance Invasion
      Swedish Journey
      30 June 2023
      Choreography: Kristine Westman ElorzaDancers: Michela Bonetti, Alea Lindell Guerrero, Lily Marticki,Lydia Sjöblom, Nathalie Faxe, Felicia Ranhem, Dessirée Mwepu,Karolina Holmqvist, Idylle Shima and Leah Sandberg Nicolaides Wind.The leaves singand dance in the apple trees.Clouds and cloudsthey float asleepwith the air.All spacesturn with themstrength...
      Dance Invasion
      1 July 2023
      “DAPYOUDANCE: Unleash the Beat!”   NOAH DANCE COMPANY and the stars of BRAKE DANCE (Gorskiy Roman/ Jacopo Paone) “Canone Inverso” Choreography by Massimiliano Mosti followed by FROZ VERSUS JAPO In a break dance BATTLE! Canone Inverso is a show that recalls...