Yoram Karmi

Born in Israel, Yoram Karmi holds a B.A. in dance from the Kibbuzim College of Education, as well as studied psychology and education at Tel-Aviv University. He later took advanced studies at the Laban Centre for Movement and Dance in London Yoram is the former soloist of the Kol Demama Dance Company and a freelance dancer and Choreographer in various projects in Israel as well as abroad. He founded Fresco Dance Company in 2002 and actively worked for the company regularly since that time. Karmi’s style is unique and incorporates a high level of technique and theatrical elements. Yoram is being commissioned to create new choreographic works for festivals and institutions around the world, such as The Jerusalem Ballet, The Macao Dance Festival, The Suzanne Dellal Center, The Israel Opera, KSU Dance Company in the USA, Chengdu Contemporary Dance Company in China and more. He was selected as artistic director for the “Young Artists Create” Project in Israel between 2007 and 2017, as well as for the renowned “Curtain Up” Festival 2012 / 2013 In 2012 he received the Rozenblum Prize for Dance and Excellence in Art, among other prizes he was awarded during the years.

Events of the Artist
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2 July 2024
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