Massi di Massa

Massimiliano Mosti is a celebrated artist known for profoundly impacting the dance and choreography scene worldwide. His journey began with a solid educational background, graduating as an Aeronautical Construction Technician from “I.T.I.S.” L. Da Vinci in Pisa. Currently pursuing a degree in Economics, Mosti’s passion for learning extends to various social training courses, including those offered by Wemarketers.

His formal dance education includes diplomas in Nexus Funkmaster and a National Diploma in Modern Dance, specializing as a Level 2 Sports Operator, along with certifications in Popping, Locking, and House Dance. Massimiliano refined his skills through intensive training at renowned dance centers such as Opus Ballet in Florence and Juste Debout in Paris, under the guidance of esteemed instructors.

Mosti’s dedication to his craft is evident when collaborating with luminaries of the dance world. As an educator, he has imparted his expertise at prestigious institutions across Italy, including L’ecole de Dance and Artedanza. Additionally, he has served as a presenter and instructor at prominent events, showcasing his versatility and passion for dance education.

Mosti’s talent extends to choreography, with accolades from competitions like the Weekend in Palcoscenico and the Trofeo Move. He has also directed dance events and companies, including Firenze&Danza and the Ezekiel and Noah Dance Companies. With his magnetic stage presence, Mosti captivates audiences worldwide, making him a sought-after presenter and host for various events, from Back to the Style in Pisa to the Esprite de Circle in Geneva.

Events of the Artist
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1 July 2024
NOAH DANCE COMPANY (IT) Choreography Massi di Massa Dancers Carmen Bianco, Matteo Bonini, Daniele Lardieri, Matilda Lucini, Sofia Mercanti, Irene Mosti, Massimiliano Mosti The show “Silenzi incompresi” narrates the souls that are not listened to by modern society. The whirlwind...