Mamdouh Hassan, a renowned Egyptian choreographer and classical dance instructor, has solidified his reputation as a Principal Dancer at the “Cairo Opera House.” Graduating with honors from the Higher Institute of Ballet (Academy of Arts), he later earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Ballet Choreography.

His entry into the Ballet Company of the Cairo Opera House in 2005 marked the beginning of an extraordinary career, portraying leading roles in celebrated productions such as “The Nutcracker,” “Zorba,” “Spartacus,” “Romeo and Juliet,” “Swan Lake,” “Le Corsaire,” “Don Quixote,” “Carmen,” and many more. His mastery led him to participate in numerous international tours in cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Tirana, Mauritius, Belgrade, and Paris.

Mamdouh Hassan has collaborated with renowned choreographers, including Joseph Russillo, Renato Greco, Jose Perez, and Valentin Elizarev, contributing to prestigious performances. In 2017, he assumed the role of Guest Principal Dancer at the Russian Ballet Company in “France Concert,” portraying Siegfried in “Swan Lake.”

Since 2019, Mamdouh has distinguished himself as a choreographer and show director at the Cairo Opera House, presenting works such as “The Collar and The Bracelet,” “Pharaonic,” “Egyptian Folklore Night,” and “Musical Show.” In the same year, he founded his school, the “Rio Ballet Academy,” the first academy in Egypt affiliated with the international program of the Royal Academy of Dance.

His passion for promoting the art of dance also extends to organizing international competitions. In 2023, he contributed to organizing the semifinals in Egypt for the renowned “Dance World Cup.” In 2024, he inaugurated his international competition in Egypt, titled the “Galaxy Dance Competition.”

Events of the Artist
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2 July 2024
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