Liya Mor

Liya Mor was born in Israel.  In 2020, she graduated from the  “Talma Yelin” dance program. In 2022 she completed her studies at the Maslol Dance Program in Tel Aviv.

Liya has been part of different independent dance projects in Israel before she became part of the Fresco Dance Company in the 2021/22 season. 

She is the winner of a study scholarship on behalf of the American Israel Cultural Foundation for the years 2019-2022

Events of the Artist
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2 July 2024
MIA Dancer: Mia Tsyganova  Cohoreography: Galina Petrova YAGP and John Cranko School present Yana Peneva in  “Nekhbet” – choreography by Maria Konrad.  Alexei Orohovsky in “The Shadow” – choreography by Brian Stevens.  YOUTH AMERICA GRAND PRIX (YAGP) is the world’s...