Liliana Barros

Portuguese-born Liliana Barros is an Independent dancer and choreographer, based in Germany. 

Graduated with a BA in dance at Rotterdam Dance Academy – CODARTS, in the Netherlands, she has danced with Compagnia Zappalá Danza, Pretty Ugly Tanz Köln, Saarländisches Staatsballett and Compagnie Marie Chouinard in Montreal, among others. 

As an independent choreographer, Liliana has created several commissioned work for companies like Saarländisches Staatsballett (My name is Legion, 2017), NationalTheater Mannheim (GAIA, 2019), Gauthier Dance Company (In Tandem, 2021), MiR Dance Company (Panorama, 2021), Dance Company Theater Osnabrück (High Reliev 2021), Nederlands Dans Theater 2 (GROTTO, 2022), TanzKassel at the Staatstheater Kassel (100YEARS 100 HEARTS, 2022), Ballett Koblenz (Le Sacre du Printemps, 2023) and for the Staatsballett Hannover (ARCHIUM, 2024). 

Her choreographic works are characterized by an intense scenic atmosphere in which the elegant plasticity of the body is combined with technical elements of dance in a deconstructed form.

Her independent productions include NERVURE (2017), a very acclaimed solo work that has won several international awards and toured widely internationally. Other independent productions such as MEMORABILIA (2019) and TECHNO FAUNA (2021), have been regularly funded by the state of Lower Saxony, Stiftung Niedersachsen, and other German foundations. TECHNO FAUNA was nominated by the Lower Saxony Foundation as one of the most outstanding productions of independent Theatre in Lower Saxony, and presented at the BestOFF Festival in Hannover in 2022 in Germany.

Liliana Barros

Events of the Artist
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29 June 2024
Nervure Choreography, Stage, and Costume: Liliana Barros Performance: Maria Kochetkova Music: Dictaphone Light: Liliana Barros Production: Liliana Barros Co-production: Saarländisches Staatstheater World Premiere, 23.06.17 at Alte Feuerwache, Saarländisches Staatstheater, Saarbrücken, Germany NERVURE  is a solo project that explores the idea...