Born in 1968, Laura Ciregia joins the Elleremodelista project, established in 2014, with a fashion design diploma and a Master’s in Fashion Buying from IED in Milan. Always attentive to fashion trends over the years, she has created a unique Upcycle brand project known for its strong tailoring component, circular approach, and commitment to quality and contemporaneity. “With our garments, we want to be comfortable, cozy, durable over time… but still fashionable.“ In the wonderful collaboration with Adria Ferrali for the DAP Festival, she will engage with her team in the role of a costume designer, thrilled to apply her Upcycle approach to the works of Maestro Giacomo Puccini, whose inspiring characters lead her to explore a renewed creativity!

Events of the Artist
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28 June 2024
Harmonizing Tradition with Tomorrow: A Theatrical Fusion of Contemporary Music and Choreographic Revelations, Unveiling the Resonance of Puccini’s Classics in the Modern Cultural Renaissance. A tribute to the timeless impact of the beloved composer. Immerse in a ‘Dance Drama’ journey,...