Phoebe Jewitt

Prize-winning choreographer and dancer Phoebe Jewitt was born in the UK, and grew up travelling in Southeast Asia and in Switzerland. Phoebe obtained her Bachelor in Contemporary Dance at Zürich University of the Arts, and during this time was two-time winner of the Migros Kulturprozent award as well as finalist in the Swiss Youth Research competition.  

Phoebe began creating work professionally during her career as a dancer at Tanz Luzern. She won the Copenhagen Choreography Competition in 2021, alongside further awards that same year. She founded her own company; ‘PITT Company’ in 2021 and has since been touring her creations nationally and internationally.  

Alongside her work with PITT, Phoebe also creates work for companies and professional programmes; most recently for Tanz Luzern, DAF Dance Arts Faculty, Brückerei and the Luzern State Arts Award Ceremony. Phoebe’s movement style and approach to choreography stem from an interest in cognitive and social psychology. Inspired by surrealist and realist art, she is driven by an intrigue in human nature and how we function as individuals and in relationships.  

phoebe Jewitt

Events of the Artist
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5 July 2023
Choreography by: Phoebe JewittPerformers: Jorge García Pérez, Mathew Prichard, Grazia Scarpato, Phoebe Jewitt Text and Sound Design: Phoebe Jewitt Original tracks by: Abel Korzeniowski, Mooryc, Frédéric Chopin, Jo Stafford, Tino Rossi Costume and Set Design: Phoebe Jewitt, Sarah Hofer Lighting...