Isaies Santamaria

Born in Paris, Isaies is 16 years when he starts learning Martial art as
Boxing. Later, He also wants to learn contemporary dance and studied in
Paris alongside his mentor Dominique Lesdema and at the School Rick
Odums. He moved to New York to continue his training and graduated from
the Certificate Program at Peridance Capezio Center.
During 6 years, he worked and collaborated with several companies in New
York such as Gregory Dolbashian (The Dash), Manuel Vignoulle (M /
Motions), Enzo Celli (Vivo Ballet), Zvi Gotheiner (Zvi Dance), Sonya Tayeh
(Sonya Tayeh Dance) ) and Vim / Vigor (Shannon Gillen).
He appears in the movie Aviva , choreographed by Bobbi Jene Smith
(Batsheva Dance Cie) and directed by Boaz Yakin(remember the
He taught floor work at Gibney Dance Center for 4 years and also master
classes and workshops internationally in Italy (vivo ballet), Norway (DFTD)
and France ( studio harmonic, Carreau du temple, Kajyn).
Recently, he worked for the PunchDrunk company in the Dance Theater
live performance of “Sleep no more”.
He developed Animal Floor Dance classes, A body approach that combine
fluidity and explosiveness in order to perform floors entries and exits using
the Floor work technique.

Events of the Artist
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