Héloïse Jocqueviel

Héloïse Jocqueviel is a dancer, choreographer, and dance teacher. Trained at the Paris Opera Dance School, she joined the Paris Opera Ballet Company in 2014. She mainly danced contemporary works in the repertoire. She met Ohad Naharin, Hofesh Shechter, Sharon Eyal, Alan Lucien Oyen, and Bobbi Jene Smith, choreographers who influenced his technique, artistic vision, and relationship to creation. She also danced several works by Pina Bausch at the Paris Opera and then at the Tanz Theater Wuppertal as a guest artist. Héloïse leaves the Paris Opera Ballet in 2023 to devote herself to her work as a choreographer and the projects she chooses as a performer.

Since 2019, Héloïse has worked with 3eme Etage as an artistic director, production, rehearsal, and management assistant while dancing to the company’s repertoire and participating in creations. Héloïse has been giving workshops and courses since 2020 to different audiences. She will join Sharon Eyal’s LEV company in August 2024.

Rich in these experiences which allow her to understand the issues and needs of artistic creation, Héloïse continues to open her perspectives and relationships to her practice. She is currently working on writing various choreographic projects in performances and videos, which are at the heart of her ecofeminist commitments.

Events of the Artist
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29 June 2024
NERVURE Choreography, Stage, and Costume: Liliana Barros Performance: Maria Kochetkova Music: Dictaphone Light: Liliana Barros Production: Liliana Barros Co-production: Saarländisches Staatstheater World Premiere, 23.06.17 at Alte Feuerwache, Saarländisches Staatstheater, Saarbrücken, Germany NERVURE  is a solo project that explores the idea...