Einat Levi Franco

Mz. Levi’s activities in Italy, began some 15 years ago, as part of the provision of business development services to Israeli companies operating in Italy, as well as being the Exclusive Representative for Israel of Italian Producers from Tuscany producing different food products, as well as Beer and Wines. 

Mz. Levi speaks Italian and has Family ties to Italy. 

Mz. Levi is the owner and CEO of – “TBD – Trade and Business Development Israel – Italia Ltd.” – an Israeli registered company – utilized for her activities. 

Mz. Levi has a unique cooperation with a boutique Law Firm of Reisman & Co. Operating in Israel since 1988 and in Cyprus since 2002, in the fields of Real-estate, Hospitality, Wellness, International Corporate Structures and Tax Oriented Issues, a cooperation through which, Mz. Levi has successfully introduced 3 publicly traded companies – 2 from Israel and 1 from England – to Hotel Projects in Italy, and they have successfully purchased Hotels as well as convertible building suitable for hotels as well as for high end residential, in Rome, expanding to date to Florence and Tuscany, and currently developing the marketing of Cyprus Wellness Resorts in Italy, in parallel. 

Mz. Levi represents 2 leading Israeli Magazines, for their activities in Italy – the One is “Metropolis Magazine” which is a Global Urban Culture and Lifestyle Magazine and Tourism Guidebook, the other is “Cigar Magazine” specializing in good life and well being – and for both Mz. Levi has created unique cooperation’s with the cities of Val D’orcia, Chianciano Terme and the Valdichiana Senese for the Tuscany region in Italy. 

Lately Mz. Levi was nominated to be member of the board in charge of International Busines Development for the DAP Festival from PietraSanta, working relentlessly to promote the DAP Festival’s international activities and cooperation’s.