Compagnia Bellanda

LIA CLAUDIA LATINI / dancer – choreographer – organization director of

Compagnia Bellanda

Born and trained in Friuli Venezia Giulia, she began studying academic dance

(classical, modern and contemporary). At the same time she continued her

artistic studies and graduated in fashion design. A bond

which influences her artistic vision and her aesthetic tastes. She approaches

dance without gender distinctions. This path leads her to mix, hybridize

languages, patterns, structures and search for new images.

GIOVANNI GAVA LEONARDUZZI / dancer – choreographer – artistic director of

Compagnia Bellanda Ets

His story as a dancer began with the word “B-Boy in breakdance, where he has

been active since 1996.

He was invited as a participant, national representative but also as a judge in

various national and international breakdance competitions and soon began to

look for an alternative path in this type of movement, trying to create his own

identity and creating a new language that could now be included in the

“experimental” category.

Going deeper and deeper into this research, he arrives at dance theatre, almost

losing his starting point.

Everything he creates comes from a breakdance, urban matrix, and has its

roots in an extremely physical and at the same time technical dance.

From 2012 to 2017 he worked in parallel as a breakdance dancer for Italian

authors and companies such as Enzo Celli, Michela Lucenti/Ballet Civile,

Abbondanza/Bertoni, and as a choreographer and performer of the Bellanda

artistic project.

Events of the Artist
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1 July 2024
COMPAGNIA BELLANDA (IT) Duration performance: 60 minutes Idea and Choreography: Giovanni Gava Leonarduzzi Choreography Assistant: Lia Claudia Latini Costumes: Lia Claudia Latini Dancers: Giovanni Gava Leonarduzzi, Lia Claudia Latini Lighting Design: Stefano Mazzanti Assistant Lighting Design: Chiara Calfa Sound Design:...