Andrea Risso

Andrea Risso has been a highly skilled professional dancer at La Scala Theatre since November 2017. Having graduated from the prestigious La Scala Ballet School in May 2017, Andrea’s journey in the dance world is by dedication, talent, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

During his formative years, Andrea received rigorous training under the guidance of renowned instructors at La Scala Ballet School, including 1st-grade teacher Loretta Alexandrescu for Ballet and 2nd-8th-grade teacher Paolo Podini for Pas de Deux. He also specialized his skills in Modern & Contemporary dance under the guidance of Emanuela Tagliavia.

Throughout his career, Andrea has demonstrated remarkable versatility and artistry, excelling in a variety of roles across different dance styles. He is deeply immersed in rehearsals for upcoming performances, including Philippe Kratz’s “Solitude Sometimes” and Jiří Kylián’s “Bella Figura” scheduled for February 2023 at La Scala.

Noteworthy highlights of Andrea’s career include his soloistic roles in acclaimed productions such as Rudolf Nureyev’s “Swan Lake,” William Forsythe’s “Blake Works V,” and András Lukács’s “Movements to Stravinsky.” He has also showcased his talent in contemporary works like Wayne McGregor’s “Lore” and Philippe Kratz’s “Sentieri,” both of which premiered at La Scala.

In addition to his impressive stage presence, Andrea has consistently pushed boundaries and embraced artistic challenges. His portrayal of the role of the Black Man in Hans Van Manen’s “KammerBallett” is a testament to his versatility and ability to captivate audiences with his passionate performances.

Events of the Artist
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