Contemporary Dance

Uppercut Dance Theater
Uppercut Dance Theater is a diverse and international dance company.
Filippo Domini
Filippo Domini 
Born in Enna in 1993, he began dancing at a very young age. From 2012 to 2014, he attended the MoDem Atelier program, followed by MoDem PRO.
Wu Chien-Wei
Wu Chien-Wei received his graduate’s degree from the Graduate Institute of Dance Performance at Taipei National University of the Arts, where he studied under Professor Lo Men-Fei, Professor Zhang Xiao-Xiong, and Professor Wu Su-Jun.
Isaies Santamaria
Born in Paris, Isaies is 16 years when he starts learning Martial art as Boxing. Later, He also wants to learn contemporary dance and studied in Paris alongside his mentor Dominique Lesdema and at the School Rick Odums.
Compagnia Bellanda
His story as a dancer began with the word "B-Boy in breakdance, where he has been active since 1996.
RIVA & REPELE portrait
Sasha Riva & Simone Repele
Xiao Xiong Zhang
Freelance dancer/choreographer/photographer and actor
Professor. Former Chairperson of Dance Department (2015-2022), National Taipei University for the Arts. Freelance dancer/choreographer/photographer and actor.
PeiJu Chien Pott
PeiJu Chien-Pott
An internationally acclaimed award-winning contemporary dance artist and choreographer from Taiwan, celebrated particularly for her work as a Principal Dancer for the Martha Graham Dance Company.
Emanuela Tagliavia
Emanuela Tagliavia
Dancer, Coreographer & Teacher
Emanuela Tagliavia is dancer and choreographer. She began studying classical dance at a very young  age. She completed her training in France, focusing on contemporary dance, where she became an  interpreter, creator, and eventually a teacher.
Giuliana Mele - Spellbound Contemporary Ballet
Giuliana Mele
Giuliana Mele teaches permanently at the Daf Dance Arts Faculty in Rome and holds repertory stages throughout Italy.

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