Artistic Direction

Mark Philip
Artistic Director & Dancer
Mark Philip (b. 1983) has a Filipino and Danish background. He is a self-taught dancer and moves between the styles of break and contemporary dance.
Roberto Zappalà
Artistic Director and Choreographer Scenario Pubblico/Compagnia Zappalà Danza
Roberto Zappalà is the artistic director and main choreographer of the Zappalà Danza company, which he founded in 1989 in Catania.
Sebastian Kloborg
Sebastian Kloborg
Associate Artistic Director
"Choreographing to me is a movement for a reason. It is an intention guided by emotions. I want to create moods and pictures that can take the spectator somewhere else for a while."
Adria Ferrali
Adria Ferrali
artistic director
Adria Ferrali dances in New York City with the Martha Graham Dance Company, the Martha Graham Ensemble, and the Pearl Lang Dance Theater.

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