23 June 2024
Tamara aims to narrate the captivating woman of today, exploring the boundaries of the human soul and celebrating its strength and resilience in a world that continues to silence its true voice and heart. Our main character, Ariadne, in contrast...
Terra - Diddy Veldman - copyright Patrick Massabo
25 June 2024
JEUNE BALLET ROSELLA HIGHTOWER As an educational tool of PNSD Rosella Hightower, the Cannes Young Ballet, established by Rosella Hightower, allows student dancers to gain practical stage experience in real-world conditions. In their final pre-professional year, students prepare for the...
26 June 2024
EQUILIBRIO DINAMICO DANCE ENSEMBLE Choreography: Roberta Ferrara Dramaturge and Assistant Choreographer: Pompea Santoro Dancers: Giuditta Alfarano, Alice Vittoria Bandino, Cecilia Alice Napoli, Gaia Triacca, Jennifer Mauri, Francesca Raballo, Enrico Benedet, Leonardo Urgese, Francesco Polese, Marco Prete Music: Igor Stravinsky //...
foto Paolo Porto-Spellbound
27 June 2024
SPELLBOUND CONTEMPORARY BALLET SOLO ANDATA Choreography: Mauro Astolfi Performers: Maria Cossu, Giuliana Mele, Alessandro Piergentili Lighting: Marco Policastro Music: Various Authors A Spellbound production, co-production with the Fondazione Teatro Comunale Città di Vicenza Duration: 25 minutes The allure and temptation...
28 June 2024
Harmonizing Tradition with Tomorrow: A Theatrical Fusion of Contemporary Music and Choreographic Revelations, Unveiling the Resonance of Puccini’s Classics in the Modern Cultural Renaissance. A tribute to the timeless impact of the beloved composer. Immerse in a ‘Dance Drama’ journey,...
29 June 2024
NERVURE Choreography, Stage, and Costume: Liliana Barros Performance: Maria Kochetkova Music: Dictaphone Light: Liliana Barros Production: Liliana Barros Co-production: Saarländisches Staatstheater World Premiere, 23.06.17 at Alte Feuerwache, Saarländisches Staatstheater, Saarbrücken, Germany NERVURE  is a solo project that explores the idea...
30 June 2024
UNPAIR Choreography: Ella Rothschild Performers: Maria Kochetkova, Sebastian Kloborg, Alexander McKenzie Pianist: Alexander McKenzie Music: Franz Schubert Costumes: Grith Deleuran Lighting designer: Roger Irman Artistic director of KAMMERBALLETTEN: Alexander McKenzie Unpair is a duet made for Maria Kochetkova and Sebastian...
1 July 2024
NOAH DANCE COMPANY (IT) Choreography Massi di Massa The show “Silenzi incompresi” narrates the souls that are not listened to by modern society. The whirlwind of emotions that must remain linked to our conscience to prevent us from getting into...
1 July 2024
COMPAGNIA BELLANDA (IT) Duration performance: 60 minutes Idea and Choreography: Giovanni Gava Leonarduzzi Choreography Assistant: Lia Claudia Latini Costumes: Lia Claudia Latini Dancers: Giovanni Gava Leonarduzzi, Lia Claudia Latini Lighting Design: Stefano Mazzanti Assistant Lighting Design: Chiara Calfa Sound Design:...
2 July 2024
MIA Dancer: Mia Tsyganova  Cohoreography: Galina Petrova YAGP and John Cranko School present Yana Peneva in  “Nekhbet” – choreography by Maria Konrad.  Alexei Orohovsky in “The Shadow” – choreography by Brian Stevens.  YOUTH AMERICA GRAND PRIX (YAGP) is the world’s...

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