Choreography: Matteo Mascolo.
Dancer: Andreea Elena Gabara.
Historical researcher: Bianca Pasquinelli.

In ancient Greece there were cults for each god of Olympus; one of the most important was that one of Dionysus, god of wine, ecstasy and radiant liberation. It is said that the Bacchae celebrated the god inside caves and woods, dressed in transparent clothes and fawn skins. Their makeshift crowns were made of ivy, oak, or fir, and they held thyrsi in their hands. Intoxicated by the wine, they shouted and danced enthusiastically, in that state in which one is filled with the god, and at the height of ecstasy they fell into a dreadful, Dionysian delirium, abandoning themselves to every excess. The Bacchae were real women, though partly mythologized. They celebrated Dionysus, but at the same time affirmed their independence from the patriarchate. In fact, the Dionysian cult contained a primordial sign of emancipation, and is also configured as a defender of the feminine. 

Bacchae wants to reconstruct in a contemporary vision the dance of Bacchae, supporting at the same time the independence of women. 

“Sacred Love”

Performance and choreographic idea by: Tamara Fragale
Music: Handpan with Alessandro Landucci

The choreography “Sacred Love” explores the concept of love as a universal energy that moves and shakes us through the medium of dance. The solo dance engages in an internal dialogue, and movement is a form of energy that never dies but rather transforms. Tamara Fragale moves with intention, seeking to understand the deeper motivations behind her gestures and to communicate the power and potential of choreography as a means of expressing and embodying love. Dance movements are imbued with a sense of sincerity and vulnerability, as she explores the ways in which movement and love intersect and intertwine. The dancer uses her body to express the boundless energy and transformative power of love.

Amore Sacro Amore - Tamara Fragale

[In this one, nobody is dying] Mad Scene

Performance and choreographic idea by: Natalie Elizabeth

An excerpt of her larger work, inspired by the grey area where tragedy, love, and humor intertwine. Musical adaptation from Adolphe Adam’s Giselle Mad Scene, recorded and arranged with solo viola by Nora Willams.

A Song For You

Choreography: Ireland Clayton in collaboration with Adrienne Hicks

‘In life, we often lose ourselves in relationships with others. Who are we without others? Who are we when we are alone? How hard is the journey to find ourselves again and how do we change along the way? Love is a beautiful thing to share with the world, but we must first share it with ourselves.” 

“Simplest Form”

Choreography Alexandra Nicole Folkes (Alex Folkes)
Dancers: Ethan Tyler, Arlana Spencer, Taylor Griffith, Sarah Sinclair, Ashley Hood, Leia Reihl, Morgan Jenson, Gabby Deaton, Ceara Calton, Madison alward, Carsyn Harris, Ashton

Simplest form is an exploration of the power on simplicity. It explores both the simplicity of movement as well as the beauty of simplicity of humanity. Simplest form was created to highlight the individual as well as the complexity of becoming a unit.

Era of Self

Artist: Dominique Guerra
Composer: Rolling Stones

A soloist within an imaginative enclosed environment combines ordinary mindset with creative thinking to connect with her space and feel in control. An order established exposing chaos throughout…

A Contemporary Extract From Swan Lake

Coreographer: Galina Petrova
Dancer: Mia Tsyganova

Galina Petrova is a graduate and postgraduate student of the Moscow State Academy of Choreography and holds master’s degrees both as a teacher as well as a choreographer.
She is the founder of “Galina Ballerina” ballet studio www.galinaballerina.com
where she has been teaching classical dance for more than 15 years. Galina has managed, directed, and staged numerous Dance Gala and events with world ballet celebrities of the Bolshoi and the Mariinsky Theatre, such as Diana Vishneva, Svetlana Zakharova, Olga Smirnova, etc.

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