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Choreography by: Phoebe Jewitt
Performers: Jorge García Pérez, Mathew Prichard, Grazia Scarpato, Phoebe Jewitt
Text and Sound Design: Phoebe Jewitt
Original tracks by: Abel Korzeniowski, Mooryc, Frédéric Chopin, Jo Stafford, Tino Rossi
Costume and Set Design: Phoebe Jewitt, Sarah Hofer
Lighting Design: Ivo Schnider
Supported by: Daria Nyzankiwska Dance Foundation, Kulturpool Untersee und Rhein


Lucy was a housewife who longed for a career in show business. Her husband, Ricky, who worked at the Tropicana nightclub, was firmly adamant that a woman’s place is in the home. Despite this, Lucy always dreamed of a life beyond the kitchen…”

Inspired by the 1950s American sitcom “I Love Lucy”, Inver stands as an ode to the generations of artists who blazed the trail for us and to those for whom we blaze it. Inver takes us to a place where we meet the times it was inspired by.

Trilogy: For Old Times’ Sake

What is the essence of a memory? How do our minds connect memories to emotions and how do they build our cognitive state? What stimulus does it take to restore a lost memory or change a distorted one? A woman’s voice guides the audience into an ageing man’s mind, portrayed as a room. A room in which we meet figures from his past – his younger self and the woman he once deeply loved. The figures begin to interact and he spirals deeper and deeper into a space where reality and recollection merge.

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phoebe Jewitt
Phoebe Jewitt
PITT Company
Phoebe is a dancer, freelance choreographer and founder of PITT Company. She was born in Derbyshire, in the U.K. and grew up traveling in Southeast Asia and in Switzerland.
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