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Dance Invasion

“DAPYOUDANCE: Unleash the Beat!”  

NOAH DANCE COMPANY and the stars of BRAKE DANCE (Gorskiy Roman/ Jacopo Paone) “Canone Inverso” Choreography by Massimiliano Mosti followed by FROZ VERSUS JAPO In a break dance BATTLE!

Canone Inverso is a show that recalls human emotions.
A life created only on the job. A life that does not allow real emotions, what does it represent
for ourselves?
Canone Inverso is the story of a man named Enry, who remembers his lost love for him.

Noah Dance Company is an important dance company based in Massa, which brings the
artistic creations of Massimiliano Mosti to the stage. Noah Dance Company offers a wide
variety of first rate shows to the audience all over the country. Together with 4 professionals
who take turns on stage, we are happy to share our passion with our audience every night.
Our shows are a continuous evolution. Our reruns are rare as we believe that every show we
offer must be a new communication with our audience. A discourse that continues over time
without but stopping.
We have a number of dance events under our belt. Each show has its own ideas and life. A
mix of theater, street dance and contemporary dance, the public has the opportunity to have a
360 degree show.

Massimiliano Mosti
Gorskiy Roman art name Froz
Gorskiy Roman art name Froz
Jacopo Paone art name Japo
Event Details
Event Details