Inversedance – Zoltán Fodor Company | You and the World

Zoltan Fodor
Zoltan Fodor

You and the World

Choreography: Zoltán Fodor
Lighting design and vision: Zoltán Fodor
Music: Attila Gergely
Dramaturgy: Károly Juhász
Set design: Tamás Rákay
Costume design: Diána Sára Veréb

Performed by the Inversedance-Zoltán Fodor Company

Chiara Alessandro
Clark David Bonus Ortega
Bianka Bódi
Lilla Jenei
Cintia Vanessza Petrőcz
Yun Ju Huang
World premiere: May 22, 2021

Supported by Municipality of Balatonföldvár, Ministry of Human Resources, National Cultural Fund, Performing and Creative Arts Foundation, Art Management Agency.

The performance was co-produced by the Inversedance-Zoltán Fodor Company and the National Dance Theatre Budapest.

Lőrinc Szabó, the two-time Kossuth-prize and József Attila-prize winner poet and translator was one of the most outstanding creators of the 90s. He left behind a rich oeuvre, enriching Hungarian culture as the great figure of the Hungarian lira. In addition to creating his works, we can thank him for reading and sharing the works of iconic writers and poets of world literature, such as Shakespeare, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Moliére, Guy de Moupassant, and Thomas Hardy, among others in Hungarian. With our newest piece, our company pays homageto the work of Lőrinc Szabó, on the occasion of the 120th anniversary of the poet’s birth.

The “You and the World” would like to create imagery inspired by the poems from the volume with the same title. This depiction symbolizes and presents the thoughtfulness of the poems from this period of the poet’s life. Nevertheless, it goes beyond the concrete words and gives space for free association.

The piece seeks to follow the poet’s triple thematization of systems of relations, in which, in addition to the “ME”, there is the “YOU” defined relative to the “ME”, and the environment surrounding these two.

This triple system provides an opportunity for a quite intimate representation, in which the “ME”, as a self-address, observes the recognized or subconscious discursive desires and constraints of the “YOU” as an external observer. On the other hand, approaching from the big world, it depicts the relationship between the masses and the individual in different ways.

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Zoltan Fodor
Zoltán Fodor
Zoltán Fodor became involved with ballet and modern dance in 1996. His masters included mainly Endre Jeszenszky, Béla Földi and Raza Hammadi.
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