Equilibrio Dinamico | Welcome to my funeral – Nostos _returning

Swivel blurry hands head - Equilibrio Dinamico
Nostos - Equilibrio Dinamico

Welcome to my funeral

Choreography Brandon Lagaert
Artistic assistant Sara Angelucci
Music Felix Machtelinckx
Dancers Equilibrio Dinamico Dance Company
Light Designer Alessandro Caso
Costumes Franco Colamorea
Production Equilibrio Dinamico
Coproduction Fondazione Fabbrica Europa per le arti contemporanee ETS, ResExtensa/Centro di produzione della danza Porta d’Oriente SPA
Support to the production Fondazione Nazionale della Danza/Aterballetto

The performance will address the increasingly blurring of the borders between reality and the virtual world. Our dependency connected to technology has completely changed the way we relate to others and the physical world around us.
The virtual world is becoming increasingly more realistic with haptic feedback, artificial intelligence and algorithms learning from human input. While older generations claim to have grown up in the jurassic era even they would struggle without simple
technology such as electricity. How do we as humans use technology to feed our own egos? How do we use technology to form unique bonds with others? How do we use technology to manipulate strangers?

Nostos _returning

by Roberta Ferrara e Alessandro Maggi

Choreography Roberta Ferrara
Original music and text Alessandro Maggi
Dancers Anabel Barotte Moreno, Diego Martinez Buceta
Sound design Simone Coen
Light design Alessandro Caso
Costumes Franco Colamorea

Organization and production Vincenzo Losito
Production Equilibrio Dinamico
Coproduction ArtGarage
Partnership Epos Teatro, Find Festival
With the support of Fondazione Nazionale della Danza/Aterballetto, Scenario Pubblico e Ministero Italiano della Cultura

Nostos – in Greek, νόστος – refers to the return, conveying the sense of circularity in the journey of existence, with the ultimate goal of finding oneself. Nostos is among the oldest and most widespread literary motifs, epitomized by the long journey of Odysseus. Significantly, it is a journey that leads back to the original starting point: home. A physical home, Ithaca. An inner home, self-knowledge.

Roberta and Alessandro’s personal journey, intertwined with life, music, and choreography, is following this path. Both are experiencing, traveling, and understanding the beauty of returning to themselves. The journey is long, arduous, and requires commitment, faith, and perseverance. Yet, they already know that once the objective is reached, they will feel like a sailor finally setting foot on land after endless voyages in a tempestuous sea.

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Brandon Lagaert
Brandon Lagaert
Has mainly crafted his signature style as an artist while working for the internationally renowned dance- theatre company Peeping Tom as a multidisciplinary performer.
Roberta Ferrara
Roberta Ferrara
Artistic Director
Equilibrio Dinamico Dance Company
Her work has been featured in Italy, Mexico City, America, Albania, Kosovo, Vietnam, Belgium, Germany, Croatia, Singapore, India, Japan, Korea, Portugal, Turkey, Brazil, Lebanon, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria.
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