DAP Festival Gran Gala

Peiju ChienPott


Choreography: PeiJu Chien-Pott & Chien-Ming Chang
Sculpture and Art: Stefano Bombardieri ( Oblong Art Gallery )
Costumes: Sartoria Teatrale Fiorentina Massimo Poli
Artistic Director: Adria Ferrali

The work takes inspiration from Stefano Bombardieri’s large and bold sculptures, which often include wildlife as their subject matter and focus on environmental eco-sustainability. The dance, which takes inspiration from Stefano Bombardieri’s sculpture rino-chair serves as a representation of the truth of life that lies beneath the surface. It’s a story that symbolizes the effects of human desires and their favorable outcomes. The human skin is made of multiple layers and constantly adapts to environmental changes, such as temperature, humidity, and sunlight. In animals, the skin adjusts color and serves as a means of protection and self-defense. In the realm of fashion, skin is akin to top items of clothing- we dress ourselves to impress others or satisfy our desires. Skin acts as a shield, concealing what we hope to keep hidden. Therefore, it’s a form of “pretense”.The characters in this dance feature MING which symbolizes the primitive and natural state of being and represents those people who are ignorant of the truth. Meanwhile, PEIJU embodies the character of the pretender, a manipulator who is beautiful yet dangerous. Dance can serve as a bridge between humans and animals as well as between the natural and the supernatural worlds.


The DAP Festival Grand Gala presents the worldwide renowned MM Contemporary Dance Company directed by the choreographer Michele Merola, promoter of projects alongside Roberto Bolle for National Italian Television.

Choreography: Mauro BIGONZETTI
Music: Leonard Cohen, Prince, Frank Zappa, Nina Simone
Light designer: Carlo Cerri
Costumes: Silvia Califano
Assistant choreographer: Roberto Zamorano
Master: Paolo Lauri
Interpreters: Emiliana Campo, Lorenzo Fiorito, Mario Genovese, Matilde Gherardi, Fabiana Lonardo, Alice Ruspaggiari, Nicola Stasi, Giuseppe Villarosa

At the DAP Festival Grand Gala an extract of the new creation by Mauro Bigonzetti for MM Contemporary Dance Company will be presented: BALLADE is intended as a tribute, a choral story, a full-fledged portrait of the Eighties, a decade that has now lost its temporal boundaries to become a symbol of an era. A narration through musical images that recovers the sensations of a generation, its erased euphories, the collective nonsense, its “dreams thrown into the sea”, but which at the same time also rediscovers the lifestyle of those years, the scents of its vitality and the dense experimental artistic creativity that characterized a rapidly evolving society, which was gradually transforming itself in step with the impulses of sharing and the anxiety of change. A work set up without artifice, interpreted by the eight dancers of MMCDC and sewn on a musical dramaturgy structured on the tensions and visions of those years. A piece that draws on various authors protagonists of that period, from Prince to the anarchic genius of Frank Zappa, to the profound poetry of Leonard Cohen.

Spiral – A Cosmic Romance

The system of the Universe
Choreography: Thomas Johansen
Interpreters: Thomas Johansen
Artistic supervisor: Adria Ferrali
Produced by the New Dance Drama & the DAP Festival

A surreal and imaginative journey exploring the universe through the eyes of two exclusive dancers. Choreography, acrobatic and visual elements are used to create a performance inspired by the themes and ideas of Italo Calvino’s “Cosmicomics” to create surreal and otherworldly experience for the audience.
Ethereal, dreamlike, frenetic and chaotic the work explores the ideas of spiraling through space and time, a thought-provoking performance about the human experience in a unique and imaginative way.

“Hold on skin”

Coreography: Julian Nicosia
Music: Michael Anklin & Janiv Oron
Danzatori: Eugenia Brezzi e Giacomo Castellana

Il passo a due, che debutta in anteprima sul palco del DapFestival, è nato dall’esigenza dei due danzatori di esplorare un nuovo linguaggio coreografico. L’incontro con il coreografo Julian Nicosia ha permesso di dar vita ad una creazione che , attraverso duetti e assoli, vuole comunicare forza, velocità e potenza del movimento dei corpi che si uniscono fino a creare una sola pelle.

Event Details
PeiJu Chien Pott
PeiJu Chien-Pott
Martha Dance School & Ailey School
An internationally acclaimed award-winning contemporary dance artist and choreographer from Taiwan, celebrated particularly for her work as a Principal Dancer for the Martha Graham Dance Company.
Michele Merola
Michele Merola
Artistic Director
MM Contemporary Dance Company
He is currently the artistic director of MM Contemporary Dance Company, founded in 1999, and has created many choreographies for MMCDC, for shows both in Italy and abroad.
Adria Ferrali
Adria Ferrali
artistic director
New Dance Drama
Adria Ferrali dances in New York City with the Martha Graham Dance Company, the Martha Graham Ensemble, and the Pearl Lang Dance Theater.
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