Compagnia Simona Bucci | “…in the infinite unrolling of its billows”

Simona Bucci
Simona Bucci

Choreographers Simona Bucci, Roberto Lori
Piano Alessandra Ammara, Roberto Prosseda
Musics by Mendelssohn, Chopin, Ravel, Chaminade
Artistic director Simona Bucci/Roberto Lori
Dancers Luca Campanella, Isabella Giustina, Roberto Lori, Sara Orselli, Michela Paoloni, Françoise Parlanti
Production by Compagnia Simona Bucci/Compagnia degli Istanti
Co-production by DAP Festival, Pietrasanta in concerto
Organisation Marika Errigo
Organisational secretariat Claudia Sannazzaro
Promotion by E. Massimiliano Nocentini Cica
With the support of MiC, dip. dello spettacolo dal vivo & Regione Toscana

“…nel volgersi infinito delle sue onde”/ “…in the infinite unrolling of its billows” (Charles Baudelaire)

Waves that bring to shore polished glass, branches and trunks, debris and treasures.

Each time, they bring different images and natures ashore, which express themselves, insinuate themselves, mix themselves and have a dialogue with the water and the earth and then they return, like the waves, back from where they came from, mixing with the water of future waves as stories of horizons.

An event in which music and dance have a dialogue and inhabit a glimpse of the sea and its shore. This work is the product of the desire to reconfirm an artistic partnership between Roberto Prosseda and the Simona Bucci Company/Compagnia degli Istanti. This partnership was already established with the staging of Preludes and Fugues-Anthropic Geography/Preludi e Fughe-Geografia antropica, to music by Šostakovič.

On this special occasion and setting, Roberto Prosseda is accompanied on the piano by Alessandra Ammara in a stimulating dialogue, exchange and complicity, in a succession of evocative pieces, where the sounds of the piano intertwine with the sounds of the sea.

A dance moved by the notes and sounds of the water, movements transformed and inhabited by the music which in turn is enriched by the danced gesture.

Event Details
Event Details