Compasión Dance Company | Viaggio Svedese (La Danza Delle Candele)

Dance Invasion
Swedish Journey

Choreography: Kristine Westman Elorza
Dancers: Michela Bonetti, Alea Lindell Guerrero, Lily Marticki,
Lydia Sjöblom, Nathalie Faxe, Felicia Ranhem, Dessirée Mwepu,
Karolina Holmqvist, Idylle Shima and Leah Sandberg Nicolaides

The leaves sing
and dance in the apple trees.
Clouds and clouds
they float asleep
with the air.
All spaces
turn with them
strength of no one.
Body fly in the wind
on the back of a wave.
Nothing is me
body that floats, light, waves.
Everything is from the wind
and the wind is air
always traveling.

Kristine Westman Elorza

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Event Details