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Dap Festival

June 25 | July 08

Danza in Arte a Pietrasanta is a unique dance Festival where the performing arts merge with the visual arts to give rise to a new and engaging universal language.

The performances take place in traditional theatrical venues and in outdoor locations, surprising the audience with unexpected contemporary dancing. DAP brings together the various aspects of Pietrasanta, famous for its foundries, the artisan marble shops, sculpture studios and art galleries in a unique dance, music and art festival for the promotion and enhancement of the territory, and the city's artistic and cultural heritage. Performances and Master Classes, through the integration of various arts such as dance, music, sculpture, photography, and video, encourage national and international dancers and choreographers to experience the city space in a new global vision of live entertainment.

Our Mission

The annual summer art exhibition in the Sant'Agostino Complex, and Piazza del Duomo by world-renowned sculptors, is a source of inspiration for festival participants. The DAP Festival is visible in the media not only in Italy but also in Europe, the United States and all over the world thanks to the artistic director Adria Ferrali and her international collaborators. We promote cultural exchange and offer a unique and innovative experience for young dance students, teachers, and choreographers from all over the world.

Our Mission
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The Performance Calendar features a series of internationally renowned and emerging dance companies, as well as independent dancers who perform in theaters and various public spaces in Pietrasanta along with master classes, and exhibits.


DAP offers intimate conversations with choreographers and leaders of the dance field with #dapfocuson and #daptalks; online interviews and meetings which are published in social media. The performance programs titled "XZGeneration" and "Colleges of the Globe" present evenings of exciting youthful creative expression, with a variety of shows featuring national and international dance scholars. DAP is a cultural encounter and exchange that forges meaningful new alliances.

The Grand Gala is the final performance of the festival featuring ballet and contemporary dance stars and choreographers. This annual production connects dance with the visual arts.


The "invasions" are impromptu events performed in the Pietrasanta area. The city is surrounded by contemporary dance in the form of free expression, improvisation, flash mobs, and creative contemporary choreography. The complexity of the event, which for two weeks invades the city, extends from the historic center to Marina di Pietrasanta every day at set times and enjoys great success among the public of all ages. These performances transform the city spaces into improvised theaters, animating beautiful historic and artistic sites, reaching the public in unexpected ways as a result of the performances in non-traditional venues.


The study project, open to professionals and students, is a structured program of Master Classes for two consecutive weeks. Participants have the opportunity to study Classical and Contemporary dance, improvisation and choreography, as well as complementary disciplines on intermediate and advanced levels. Each level requires a total of 4 hours of daily practice.


DAP College highlights the teaching of its Master Classes program with the choreographers and international dancers from the annual Performance Calendar. Students can be selected to participate in the projects of guest choreographers and to audition for XZGeneration and Colleges of the Globe. DAP College collaborates with several international universities and other prestigious organizations which become partners of the Festival by joining the study abroad program with their students. The success of the previous DAP editions has strengthened the idea of theater and created an innovative study space which has become increasingly immersed in the area.

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The performances take place in the spectacular Chiostro di Sant'Agostino enhancing the fusion between the historical architecture and the city’s yearly art exhibit stimulating experimentation and artistic creativity through the fusion of genres.

The Cloister of Sant'Agostino also hosts the XZGeneration and Colleges of the Globe programs.

Sant Agostino

The Versiliana Grand Stage is an open-air theatre in Marina di Pietrasanta which accommodates an audience of 2000 people. This is the DAP College venue for the daily master classes program and the DAP Festival Grand Gala.

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History of the DAP Artistic Productions for the annual Grand Gala


DAP promoted the collaboration between the choreographer Sebastian Kloborg, the Danish musician Kim Helweg, and Master Sculptor Jørgen Haugen Sørensen in 2017. The choreography entitled "The Crowd," inspired by Sørensen’s sculpture, was also performed at "Ofelia Beach" in Copenhagen under the aegis of the Royal Danish Theater. The main dancers involved in the project were Elena Martinez, Ana Sendas, Csongor Szabo, Thomas Johansen, and 10 selected DAP Festival College students.


In 2018 the renowned American choreographer Kevin Stea collaborated with the Master Sculptor Manolo Valdès in the creation of a dance with spectacular scenography and costumes produced by Massimo Poli of the Sartoria Teatrale Fiorentina. Among the dancers were Tamara Fragale, Gennaro Guadagnuolo, Thomas Johansen, Nateli Ruiz, and 10 selected DAP Festival College students.

Kevin Stea

The 2019 edition highlighted the American-Brazilian choreographer Miriam Barbosa and was inspired by the artwork of the Uruguayan Sculptor Pablo Atchugarry particularly in the performance where the fabrics that crown the aerial and earthly dances recall the shapes of Atchugarry's creations. In June, a cast of international dancers produced the choreography to George Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue” music score. The cast of professionals included Giacomo Bavutti, Tamara Fragale, Thomas Johansen, Brooke Whigham and 4 selected students from DAP College. The evening was dedicated to the 200th year anniversary of the United States Consulate of Florence.

2019 also led to the staging of an unpublished work by the French choreographer Bruno Pradet, founder of the Vilcanota Dance Company. Pradet's creative work is based on the compact and dynamic physicality of groups. The dance is put into perspective by the presence of words, by the absurd, and by a profound contemplation of humanity and its multiple expressions. The choreography that commemorated the Viareggio train derailment disaster was staged with 32 students from the DAP Festival College. This work with multiple minutes of silence provided time for reflection on the day in which the victims of the tragic event are remembered.

Rapsody in Blue

The 2020 festival developed two parallel projects: an international multimedia event for Television Networks and the DAP FESTIVAL DANCE BENEFIT GALA that took place on July 25th. The performance featured famous Italian contemporary dance companies such as Compagnia Zappalà Danza, Michele Merola Contemporary Dance Company, and the New Dance Drama under the guidance of the Choreographer and Artistic Director Adria Ferrali who created the dance inspired by Fabio Viale mythological sculptures. The imaginary character Ermione interpreted to an early 20th century poem by Gabriele D'Annunzio in the Versiliana pine forest.

The performance, beautifully reviewed by the dance critic Giuseppe di Stefano served as a fundraiser for the Meyer Foundation Pediatric Hospital of Tuscany. The images and video footage enriched 2 TV episodes that were broadcast by the unified networks of Tuscany and then in the US, Russia, and Sweden DAP is committed to bringing people together and creating several international virtual spaces. Thanks to new technologies, culture and dance open up to powerful communication perspectives.


The 2021 artistic production was inspired by Giuseppe Veneziano’s artwork featuring the Spanish/French dancer Isaies Santamaria and the Italian performer Tamara Fragale. The choreography entitled ON TO POP opened successfully and was reviewed very positively by Dance News. An additional multimedia project was developed in September 2021 in collaboration with CAV and the Stagetti Marble studio.


The 2022 edition featured choreography inspired by Japanese master sculptor Kan Yasuda's latest artwork titled “Unconscious” which was produced by the Giorgio Angeli Marble Studio. The Taiwanese/ New York-based Bessie Award winning dancer, PEIJU CHIEN-POTT interpreted the sculpture, redefining its meaning on stage and broadening its horizons through an olfactory journey especially designed by Atelier Parfumeide.

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Dance Companies

  • Richard Alston Dance Company (GB) 2018
  • Shahar Binyamini Dance (Israel) 2022
  • Company Blu (Italy) 2021
  • Corpus, The Royal Danish Ballet (Denmark) 2019
  • Dzul Dance (Mexico) 2017
  • Equilibrio Dinamico (Italy) 2021/ 2022
  • Flock (USA) 2022
  • I'mperfect Dancers (Italy) 2018
  • Kseniya Mikheeva Dance Company (Russia) 2018/ 2021
  • La Veronal (Spain) 2022
  • Lyric Dance Company (Italy) 2018
  • Miriam Barbosa Dance (Brasil/ USA) 2017/2019
  • MM Contemporary Dance Company (Italy) 2020/2021
  • MN Dance Company (Slovenia) 2019/ 2022
  • Movement Migration (USA) 2018/2022
  • Orly Portal Dance Company (Israel) 2021
  • Spellbound Contemporary Ballet (Italy) 2021/2022
  • SubJazz (Norway) 2018/2022
  • Vertigo (Israel) 2019
  • Compagnia Zappalà Danza (Italy) 2019/ 2020
Equilibrio Dinamico

Choreographers, dancers and guests

  • Monia Baldi Galleni (Italy) dancer and choreographer 2021/2022
  • Adriano Bolognino (Italy) choreographer 2022
  • James Boyd (USA) dancer and choreographer 2017/2022
  • Fatima Cerqueira (Brasil/Denmark) teacher 2017/2022
  • PeiJu Chien-Pott (Taiwan/USA) choreographer, dancer 2022
  • Katherine Crockett (USA) dancer and choreographer 2018/2019
  • Thang Dao (Vietnam/USA) choreographer 2017
  • Joaquin De Luz (Spain) dancer, director and choreographer 2019
  • Anna Falchi (Italy) TV star 2017
  • Tamara Fragale (Italy) dancer and choreographer 2017/2022
  • Isabella Giustina (Italy) dancer and choreographer 2021
  • Robert Gibson (USA) professor and guitarist 2018
  • Osiel Gouneo (Cuba/Germany) ballet dancer 2022
  • Michael Guttman (Belgium) violinist and artistic director of Pietrasanta in Concerto 2017/2018
  • Adrienne Hicks (USA) dancer and choreographer 2017/2022
  • Thomas Johansen (Norway) dancer and choreographer 2017/2019
  • Sebastian Kloborg (Denmark) dancer/ choreographer/ artistic consultant/ DAP associate artistic director 2017/2022
  • Maria Kochetkova (USA/Russia) ballet dancer 2017/2022
  • Fabio Liberti choreographer 2019
  • Sigge Modigh (Sweden) dancer and choreographer 2017/2019
  • Apeksha Mundargi (India) dancer 2022
  • Gennymatt Prodancers (Italy) dancer and choreographer 2017/2018
  • Giovanni Napoli (Italy) choreographer 2019
  • Stanislav Ponomarev (Russia) dancer 2018/2021
  • Bruno Pradet (France) choreographer 2019
  • Suzanne Saltmarsh (USA) choreographer 2021/2022
  • Isaies Santamaria (Spain/France) dancer 2021
  • Boris Shipulin (Russia ) dancer and choreographer 2017
  • Camilla Spidsoe (Norvegia) dancer 2022
  • Kevin Stea (USA) choreographer 2018
  • Angelica Stella (Italy) dancer / choreographer/ assistant to the DAP artistic director 2018/2022
  • Kristine Westman (Sweden) choreographer and teacher 2019/2021
  • Blakeley White McGuire (USA) dancer and choreographer 2022
Youth Companies

Youth Companies

  • Compasiòn Dance Company (Sweden) 2019/2022
  • Emox Balletto Contemporaneo (Italy) 2018
  • Jeune Ballet Rosella Hightower (France) 2022
  • Kinesis Contemporary Dance Company (Italy) 2019/2022
  • Momo Dance Youth Company (Italy) 2022
  • Nordic Dance Ensemble (Denmark) 2021/2022
  • Posa in Opera Ballet (Italy) 2018
  • Spinae Company (Norway) 2021
  • Troy Dance and Theater Ensemble 2017/2022
  • Venezia Balletto (Italy) 2019
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Partners & Supporters

The DAP Festival collaborates with prestigious National and Local Organizations:

  • Artistic Executive Director: Adria Ferrali
  • Executive Assistant Director: Sara Tartaglia
  • Associate Artistic Director: Sebastian Kloborg
  • Secretary Management: Laura Soave
  • Artistic Assistant Director: Curran Tellalian
  • Artistic Assistant: Angelica Stella
  • International cultural Comunication Director: James Boyd
  • Administration Manager: Barbara Paganini
  • Press Office: Rosi Fontana
  • Graphic Design: Ed Noriega
  • Photography: Alessandro Botticelli, Lorenzo Bianchini, Mark Moseley
  • Web design: Luca Ponzanelli
  • English Editor: Barbara Craig

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